All my posts have been imported.

Hello friends,

Sorry about the gap in postings…the comp at home has fizzled out and I am big-time-procrastinating repairing it.
In the meantime I have managed to import all my blogger posts from my brijwhiz site. That’s almost the complete history of my blogging endeavours. Was fun reading some of my old blogs. May use the coming weekend to work on some cross connects with older blogs. Till then enjoy reading the archives. And remember to click on the previous posts link right at the bottom.

P.S: my very first blog


6 thoughts on “All my posts have been imported.

  1. Procrastination suits you, I guess it should pop into the minds of people doing their PhDs easily.. As for Brij… I woulda thought “Passion” woulda been one of the first in the list.. after all, many a time I’ve quoted him on what he wrote as having said to Meg..”Either love me or hate me, I will not accept any less intensity from you” ..
    As for me, right now my key Phrase is.. Pacify the Parents

  2. Ailla.. attack?
    What’d I do? What’d I do? What’d I do???

    My only knowledge of PhD is from Hence the comment on “procrastination”

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