The “P” post

A continuation of a meme going around the blogoshpere. I was tagged, willingly, by Vicky Baba

Most people have written stuff they like – I am planning to go different and jot all the words important tot me, some of which I particularly hate.

My P words are:

1. Play: I really love this word. It has so many meanings – all of which I like. Be it watching a play, as in drama, or making a play, as in making a move, or just being plain playful I think the word captures all the positive elements of life

2. Politicians: Hate the present breed. I must point out that I do not consider politics to be a negative or demeaning profession. In fact I think politics is a very important part of our society. unluckily I cannot say the same for the politicians. The reason I hate them so much – we make them powerful – that’s why!!! We are guilty for our politicians and now we are in cesspool from which there does not seem to be any escape.

3. Partnerships: For a person like me who depends on friendships it is obvious that partnerships are very important in my life. The most important partnership is of course with my wife and I have been very lucky to get such a plucky partner for life. {Vicky get married to understand;)}. In this short span of life I have managed to have partnerships with very unique people for different facets of life and am truly grateful to all of them for their support and guidance to bring me to where I am today. Thanks mates.

4. Percussion: They say: “If music be the food of life play on”. Well if music is the food of life percussion is its heartbeat. I am a sucker of percussion. ‘Nuff said. (Am listening to roobaroo while writing this – beautiful beats in this number)

5. Patience: If there is one triat I wish all human beings have it is this one – Patience!!! I too need to work on this one.

6. Present: is where I like to live in. It is all fine to remember the good ol’ past and nice to dream about the future but the present is where it is at!!!

7. Plot: Another multifaceted word. I like plots as in movies and books. I plots as in conspiracy theories and political scams. I would absolutely love to own some plots as in land for a farm house;)

8. Penguin: This is my idealistic techie-minds love. In one word – LINUX. Unluckily my career seems to be taking me far away from it:(

9. Porn: the legal variety;)

10. Power: would love to have some.

I left out some obvious ones as that would too easy. For eg. Peace, PeTA, Pork etc.

The way the meme works is that I can tag you with a number if you leave a comment for this post conveying your desire to be tagged. So what are you waiting for.


6 thoughts on “The “P” post

  1. Heh! Heh! How about “PhoneCall” Aparna?

    Brij, look is still very nice. I liked the darker one better, but you’re absolutely right – this is more reader friendly for sure.

  2. Wow. This is such an unconventional list. You have included words which you hate too.

    There’s another tag going on, will rope you in when it comes to me.

  3. “Enjoyed”, hm. Not the first word I would think of 🙂

    Did you see the pics, btw?

    My diary, well I gave up on it. All my writing was output-ting into that medium alone. So now attempting to get it into another format.

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