Back to the Jurassic Age

Jurassic Park

Tonight I caught Jurassic Park on T.V. – the I one, that is. Two thoughts popped into my mind:

1. This movie is an outstanding movie – but only on the silver screen. It is a totally stupid & camp movie on the small screen. So here’s a request to my friends who are going to earn lots of oil money – get a theatre installed in your house. I want to watch Jurassic Park again:)

2. Speaking about friends brings me nicely to my second point. A lot of thanks to Somitra, Sarat, Venky, Kapil, and all the others who waited in the phenomenal queue to get the tickets. Thanks to your efforts many of us had a wonderful afternoon that we will never forget.


6 thoughts on “Back to the Jurassic Age

  1. I agree; a big screen with a great sound system makes a world of difference. I watch it on DVD every once in a while, but it’s not the same as that first time on the big screen. It may have something to do with knowing where the scares are now. Face it, once you KNOW when a dinosaur is going to really pop out and attack our heroes, the nail-biting suspense of worrying that one is about to pop out is gone.

    This is also a rare case of a movie being 100 times better than the book it was based on.

  2. Hmm… the Jurassic group (how apt these days) was Soumitra, Vidya, Hema, Kapil, me and a sixth individual that I can’t seem to recall. Was it Venky? All I do remember that the 6th person didn’t have boobs. (That eliminates all the women and half the guys as well!) Kapil would know who it was. It was a sometime in March – and all of us joined the back of the line at 11.15 a.m. (ticket office opened at 12.00 p.m.) and finally got to the ticket window at 6.30 p.m.! Thats how long the freakin line was. Absolutely insane! 🙂 In these days of DVD and piracy, lines like that for movies will never be around anymore.

    I was also writing in a comment to remind you that you intended to be a regular blogger :). I don’t really care if it’s a blog, a website, an email newsletter, whatever – as long as it contains material from you – lots and lots. Please do write more. And I plead this not (only) because of any special love for you ((I….. Love to love you baby…!) – but because you can fuckin’ write, and write really well as opposed to most who have that affliction termed very aptly as “verbal diarrhea”.

  3. Hey Sarat, glad you liked the look. UNluckily I had to change the look again as the all-black template, while cool, had a serious flaw. It only showed part of the post. I am not in favour of people having to click a lot to have to read my post. I am amzed hey made the effort to come her – i do not want them to have to put an iota of effort more to read the whole post:)
    Since wordpress gives me pre-packaged templates and does not really help me change the template details I have shifted tot he current template. Hope you like this one too.

  4. I believe Sarat’s right, there was a 6th person – but I can’t recall who it was…Srinivasan perhaps. Not sure. When we finally got in, we weren’t allowed to sit together…some mess up in the seat numbers. I think many of us got corner seats – different corners!

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