Malayali Films and Malayali towns.

Interesting path I took surfing today. All started with Sibin’s comment where he reminded me that the name of the movie I wanted was Piravi. Thanks for that mate.

Going down this path I wa nostalgic – reading about all the films, filmstars and singers I like.
Some of the names that come to my mind are mentioned below. Do try to see this – maybe you can get a DVD with subtitles.
Disclaimer: Mohanlal and Mammootty are my all time favourite stars alongwith the Big B.
1. His Highness Abdullah
2. Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha
3. Kamaladalam
4. Bharatam
5. Manichitrathazhu
6. Yodha
7. Johny Walker
8. Poochakkoru Mookkuthi
9. Kilukkam
10. Chithram
11. Kireedam

1,3 and 4 were the first 3 movies made by Pranavam Arts(Mohanlal’s production house) and each was a super duper hit. His Highness Abdullah is my all time favourite with great lilting semi-classical songs and a light story. Kamaladalam is much more serious and is strongly tilted towards the performing arts. This movie reminded me of certain Kamaal Hassan movies. Bharatam is a very very serious movie again revolving around classical music. Wonderful set of movies.

Yodha was the first movie in which I heard A.R.Rehman’s work – and I was blown away. There is a classic malyalam curse filled rap in this movie which is simply hilarious. Still this movie remains in my memory for the background soundtrack – much of it reminding one of Enigma style renditions.

Johny Walker has an extrordinary gothic feel to it in it’s climax.

Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha is the best swashbuckling movie I have ever seen – it managed to overturn a widely followed tale of years passed right on it’s head. Wonderful take and a great movie.

Chitram and Kilukkam has been remade into hindi – but the magic of the original remains, especially. Even now when I see some person (photographer) scope a scene out by gazing between his palms I remember this movie and feel sad for a moment.

Kireedam was remade in Hindi and was a hit. I think it was Gardish, it had Jackie Shroff as the hero. Good movie but Kireedam was much much better;)

I think I’d better stop now 🙂 Guess I will continue about Malyali Towns later:)


One thought on “Malayali Films and Malayali towns.

  1. All the movies that you mentioned are among my favourites..and me too a HUGE fan of Mammooty, Mohanlal and the Big B…I am also a great fan of the director Jeyaraj, and in my opinion, the all -time best malayalam movie has to be : Paithrukam.

    If you are a mammooty fan, then don’t miss :
    Bhoothakannadi, Kazhcha and Rajamanickam.

    For Mohanlal, of course :
    Vandanam, Sanmanassullavarku Samadhanam and devasuram (although “Chenkol”, the second part of Kireedam was also awesome).

    Interestingly, the person that shone in Oru Vadakkam Veragatha, was Surech Gopi, playing thacholi othenan in a bad light…that was an awesome performance…also might have been exceedingly difficult, portraying one of Kerala’s folklore heroes in that manner. But just my opinion.

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