Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi

For the flowery tributes drop over to Venky’s, Sarat’s and Sibin’s blog.
As for me – to be frank, it under whelmed me.
First the disclaimers:
1. I saw it after Rang De Basanti – so I wasn’t still out of the “zone?
2. Sarat had riled me with all that Bollywood, Indian Cinema, Amitabh shit and the holier than thou articles on the same (thereby getting the reaction he wanted:))

Having made all the disclaimers let us get to the meat of the matter. I did not find it great because I had seen this movie dozens of times earlier. Every third movie made in the 70’s and 80’s in Kerala was a movie like this one. In fact if it had been a true fire Malayalam “Cinema? the ending would have been more crisp and abrupt. But then that’s just a matter of treatment.

Will others like it? Well Sarat, Venky and Sibin did like it so I guess you might too. Then again that may just be the reason to dissuade you from watching it :). Anyway lets move back to me.

Normally I do not mind remakes. For eg. I did like the cheesy remake of Thevar Magan – Virasat. Similarly I loved Sarkar, which was heavily inspired by Godfather, and was completely moved by Black though it was another “over the top emotional? remake. The thing is that a movie, which entertains, is worth a watch again and again in any form that you can watch it. So are simple tales of struggles and sacrifices – simple in terms of the questions it asks, or does not ask. Even popcorn love ditties are fine once in a while. However HKA is not such a tale. It questions you and your beliefs from the first frame of the movie – and that is its strength: except when you already know the questions and have been struggling with them for years on end. In the latter case it becomes just another rehash of a generation lost – a depressive slide for 3 hours.

Not my cup of tea!

btw don’t buy into the bourgeois mentality of multi-layered and all that shit. True marxism is about calling a spade a spade:)

P.S; There is this movie in Malayalam – an arty flick – about the a kid in REC Calicut disappearing (assumption being that the police killed him suspecting him to be a Naxalite) and how his family tries to find him and has to endure being branded as a family of a Naxalite. Unluckily I just cannot remember it’s name but it is a great movie.

P.P.S: I did not find the acting much to write home about. Or maybe I just like hamming;)

one more P.S: Speaking of multi-layered Aankhen was a wonderful multi-layered movie, friction between sons and father, brotherly love for each other, and others too, lewd songs which hid a true heart etc. ad infinitum;)



3 thoughts on “Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi

  1. Sarat pointed me to this “anti-review” of yours about “Hazaron…”…actually I agree on the malayalam movies part…they were and still are a class apart…I had written about this a while ago:


    Also, the movie about the REC chap was called “Piravi” and was based on the famous “Rajan case”…here’s a synopsis of the movie:

    A sensational, yet disturbing movie…

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