Venky’s “Arty-Farty” Pics

Venky has put up two sets of pics taken by him over at this blog

My favourite pic is the this one:

For more go to:

1. arty farty pics – 1
2. arty farty pics – 2

The interesting thing about these two sets is that pattern that exists between the two. I am sure Venky did not mean it to be so; nonetheless I could not help notice the similarities.

1. The first photos in both the sets were photos of a different age, replicated for our pleasure.
2. The second photos have a similar shape of objects. The specific candles shot and the cups both have a hollow cylindrical feel. Furthermore both have heat emanting from the receptacles, steam in one case and flames in another.
3. The last pics were both experimental from a perspective of photography. Both have turned out to be quite evocative.

So is it just me readying too much into this similarities: methinks not!


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