A wonderful soul-searching ballad to the world!!! Or is it?
The other day I was listening to this song for the umpteenth time and it struck me that it is quite a cheesy song if one is not in a “brotherhood” mood. So what is it that makes this song so popular?

My thory is that the song is beautiful but would not have got anywhere close to the kind of popularity it got if it was not written and sung by John Lennon.
Jon Lennon
In fact maybe even that would not have made it so evergreen if it was not for his assassination. Maybe I am wrong but can you imagine Cliff Richard singing this song and selling more than a few copies. It just had to come out of Lennon for it to live on. It’s not even the best song that he has penned but still it is his greatest for in one wide brushstroke it makes him a saint, making us forget the man with all his foibles.

My two cents a usual!!! 🙂


One thought on “Imagine.

  1. I guess it also has to do with the time the song was released. The world was looking for something like this – and there is was!
    my 2 cents and a half.


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