Sunday Times && ~(AB || SRK) : false

– Begin Rant –

Personally I think that AB and SRK are THE two leading entertainers of India. Coupled with LPY(Laloo Prasad Yadav) and SS(Shekhar Suman) they have a monopoly on all mediums of entertainment. Nonetheless I would be really really happy If one Sunday could go by when the Times Of India does not have to depend on an article on SRK or AB(if not Amitabh it is something about Abhishek) to sell their papers. Give it a rest, you unimaginative sorry stand-ins for true newsmen!!!

– End Of Rant –


One thought on “Sunday Times && ~(AB || SRK) : false

  1. i think SRK is the BEST. now a days we are comparing SRK with AB. this is SRK achievment that people are comparing him with AB. whether is better than AB or not this is a seperate debate but atleast he is worth comparing with AB. DDL, KKHH, DEVDAS if you watch these movies you will surely say he is the BEST

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