A Mannings Super Bowl for sure!!!

We are half-way down the NFL season and the thoughts of many people (especially the media, the advertisers and the sponsors) are aligned towards a pay-per-view dream come through – an All Mannings Super Bowl. Of course most people advise a cautionary note as there is still a lot of football to be played with half of the season remaining (week 10 coming up today). Nonetheless I think I will go on a limb here and boldly attest that it will indeed be an All Mannings affair at the Super Bowl XL. (And the Giants will win)

At this point people who know me must be going,” Duh! What does he know about American Football to make such a foolhardy claim?” To be fair to them they are right in the fact that I know precious little about the NFL. To these doubters all I can say is that my claim has been made from a very “scientific” POV, aka Madden’05.

I have been the owner of the New York Giants for the last two seasons (’04 and ’05). Had a lot of success with the team led by Eli Manning. (Of course I play at the rookie level;)) In fact in the ’05 season I denied the ’72 Dolphins a chance to crack open their champagne by having an undefeated season. However getting back to the matter at hand let’s speak about the Super Bowl. Throughout the game I only controlled the Giants making sure that all the other team’s games were simulated. So imagine my surprise to see the Colts meet the Giants in the Super Bowl. If this is not a sign from heaven I do not know what is?

So the conclusion – Giants v/s Colts for the Super Bowl with Giants winning the crown.

{Come on mates I am sure my method of prediction was as scientific as any used by the so-called sports experts;)}

UPDATE – 16th Nov 2005: Just to prove me wrong the Giants played it crazy this weekend creating some records(the Vikings had a punt return TD, an interception TD and a kickoff return TD all int he same game which is a record) that they did not enjoy😦 🙂 Another team(Eagles) I was rooting for screw it up in the end by passing(yes I said passing – come on that was no interception) the ball to the opposing team letting the Cowboys get back into the game and win it!!!


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