Pointless rambling about luck

There was this quote I once read which seemed to verbalize the way I live life:
“I don’t just believe in luck; I absolutely rely on it”

Now this would seem a very lazy way to live life, depending on fate and all that. However that’s not what I mean when I say that I rely on luck. It means to have a positive spin on everything you do and be ready to take some chances. Be cynical enough to have backup plans but do not be so safe that you cannot harness aome lucky chance that comes your way.

Professionally I rarely ever follow this diktat actively. I am generally Mr. Ultrasafe:) That’s because I do not believe in the simplistic idea of make money when the sun shines. I am more of a “Did my clients and me enjoy the day?” kind of guy. Nonetheless when I look back I realise that I have been very lucky – in both my professional and personal life. It makes me wonder how much of it was helped by my efforts and how much of it was, well, luck!

1. Being born into the family I was born into – pure chance.
2. Having great friends – pure chance plus some effort.
3. Maintaining great friends – effort and interest.
4. Fabulous wife – effort(gathering the guts to ask her hand in marriage) + luck(her agreeing to marry me:))
5. Job – pure chance + some effort.
6. Getting into a great group at work – chance + effort in equal proportions.
7. Getting great projects to work on – chance + effort(specifically the effort of saying no to stuff I did not want to do)


So in hindsight it seems like i have moved through life with the principle of least resistance and still ended up in a happy state of life, thanks to whole dollop of luck. Interesting! Not the concluson I thought I would reach when I started this exercise.

Well I started off trying to write something else and ended up here – and I don’t know where to go from this point on – so I wil just close my trap and bid you adieu.


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