My first posting – yet again:)

Lots of reason for moving onto this server. Maybe sometime later I will discuss a little bit about this move. For now lets just be satisfied with the fact that I just want to restart my blogging. It has been a little quiet around here for some time. That was partly my fault and partly the fault of my friends Sarat and Venky.

My fault was that I was not quick in noting stuff down when I was in the mood. This resulted in me having nothing to say while I was in front of the computer. Still I would have got something going if it weren’t for Sarat and Venky . The problem with both of these guys are they write quite well and in a manner that seems effortless. Sarat has been doing this for years now so I have kinda got used to it. However even he has increased his frequency of posting. Of course his increased frequencies has not diluted the content one bit, the bastard!!! As if this was not enough to make one feel inferior out comes Venky – thinking and then managing to convey his thoughts in a most succinct manner.
(please note my emphasis on Venky thinking – it is not normal behaviour for him as he is known to act and then think rather than the other way around;))

So long story short I was feeling quite inconfident and was wondering whether I would ever write again.




OK, alright that’s total bulls*#t and a poor excuse for not writing. Mind, the dudes are really good and a tough act to beat. But hey, I don’t give an elephant’s f*#t whether i suck or not. So here’s promising myself for the umpteenth time that I will write – regularly.

In the meantime hop over and enjoy the sites of my buddies.


P.S: A special thanks to Sujith for not updating his blog. At least I do not have to worry about having to beat another phenomenal writer.


3 thoughts on “My first posting – yet again:)

  1. Yeah, we heard ya! (’bout the writing regularly part šŸ˜‰ )
    and you forgot to mention me… or did you?
    btw, you seem to leave early these days?

  2. LOL – I guess its all in a “sratch.doc” which is always on the desktop (with Quicklink and all) – and of course becos, most of waking hours are spent in front of the same computer!
    Welcome back Brij šŸ˜€


  3. Hey thanks for the welcome mates. No Anon I did not forget to mention you – certain absences of names should be self suggesting;) Like yours and Rover’s for example.
    Venks since I am on Red Hat I have a simple “blog.txt”. Writing in vi is fun as always;)

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