Harry Potter – 6 – The Review

Ok folks, It is done – I have finished reading book 6.

When I started reading this morning I had visions of writing a kewl review for all of you. However now I realize that it would be impossible to do that without divulging stuff and this book really really needs to be read without any pre-knowledge of what’s in it.(Thanks Ojas for giving me a first look – the experience was truly extraordinary)

So please forgive a lame attempt.

1. Size of the book.

I take back the complaint about the size of the book. It is a tad small for my taste – took around 8 hrs for me to finish it – but it is full of stuff. So it will surely keep you entertained – especially as it builds to the climax.

2. Characters.

Characters have matured and it shows. Harry gets frustrated but has stopped whining about it:) I personally have liked the character development.

3. Plot.

The plot has come back to the main track. Most of book 4 and 5 were used in giving lots of details of branches to the story, which was supposed to help us get a feel for why things are the way they are. However I felt that after reading the two tomes I had hardly moved ahead in the story. Well this book takes you ahead, real quickly.

4. Suitability for Children:

Parents be warned. Just like the last book this book is quite dark in patches. Add to that the fact that everyone is in their teens and hence when the atmospere is not dark everyone seems to be snogging(n : (British informal) cuddle and kiss) all around:)
My personal take is that the book is quite suitable for children provided the parents read it first and make the decision about themselves.
{I repeat that the climax is strong. It is taking all my effort to not be bawling.}

So all in all a must read. Please avoid all Harry Potter sites till you read it. Will not be half as fun if you come to learn the plot.

The only minus point:
Have to wait some time before the next Harry Potter book will be out.

Happy Reading:)


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