Got HP: The Half-Blood Prince!!!

Yup!!! Got it first day first show!!!(in other words I was one of the first persons to pick up a copy at 8am)
First impressions:

1. Don’t like the cover that much. Normally all of the HP(Harry Potter) books have two kinds of ocovers. A children version and a more adultish version with the children version being much more colorful and simpler than the adult version. The cover I got was the children version according to me.

Unluckily I have no idea whether there is any other version for this specific volume.I checked at Amazon – there is indeed a more sedate cover which I like better:)

In fact there is a third cover too which I like the BESTest.

2. The book is not that long. Close to 600 pages.

3. The story still has the same vintage. I am the half-point mark and like this one as much as my fav volume – The Prisoner Of Azbakan. Will try to put up a review by tomorrow.

4. The price sucks! INR 895/- is quite a lot. I think it is even more costly abroad!!! The problem is that with such a high price it will not take too long for people to prefer buying the pirated versions, which I am sure are under production as we speak.
{Luckily for me I had a deal with a friend of mine. I pick up her advance copy and I get first rights to read the story;)}

Anyways, apart from meeting Nitin Madan (great fun!!!), this was the only other major news for the day.

Have fun – try not to buy the pirated versions. Wait for the paperbacks instead.


2 thoughts on “Got HP: The Half-Blood Prince!!!

  1. Finished the e-book last night.

    The end surely raises some serious questions about the path the final book will take.

    1. If it IS a childrens’ book, then the ending is predictable.
    2. If it is NOT, then …well… all I can say is, let her not make dumbledore=gandalf.

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