Old books bloom in Blossoms

Had heard about Blossoms from two or three different places. For example in his blog Deepak has spoken about Blossoms while discussing second-hand books in Bangalore(I don’t agree with him about the smell. i hate the new print smell and absolutely love the musky smell of old books.). My curiosity got further piqued when in the Amazon(India) Blog Rupa points out that old Indrajal comics were also available there.

Since I was in Bangalore this weekend I just could not resist going to Blossoms. It is on Church Street (which is parallel to M.G.Road and perpendicular to Brigade Road (in case you do not know Bangalore:))). A good map of Bangalore I found was here. It only worked with IE. For MG Road use the magnifying glass on E5 section.

I liked the shop immediately. Unluckily I was in a hurry and hence could not spend much time with the comics. Nonetheless I did end up buying close to 12 books in just under a hour:) Most of them were fiction but they had this one more floor that I came to know about later and could not really explore.

One of the books I got there was the BattleStar Galactica. Unluckily for me, Sujith claimed the right to read it first:) (Hurry up Sujith!!!) Another one I got was based on the video game Crimson Skies. All about piracy in the high skies:) Real fun stuff.

Anyways for all you lazy bones in Bangalore get your butts out to this shop at least once. It is right opposite Amoeba on Church Street.

For the rest of you who do not stay in Bangalore and have never been there, get there before the old Bangalore is lost forever!!!

njoy maadi;)


9 thoughts on “Old books bloom in Blossoms

  1. woah!!! Raoul and venky agreeing on something!!!

    I like some of the new book smell. However sometimes it has got a yucky gluey smell. On the contrary all old books smell good 🙂

  2. i wud love to get my hands on some phantom or mandrake comics…..can exchange them anyday for the wierd tech books we read 🙂

  3. It’s starting to sound a little freaky with you guys getting so close to your books that you smell them…
    Am I the only one here worried for you guys???

  4. Hi, I was out blogging and found your site. It certainly got my attention and interest. I was looking forbook information and eventhough this isn’t a perfect match I enjoyed your site. Thanks for the read!

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