The suits want more buck moolah for a song!!!

I was reading this month’s digit and there was this article titled “Music Download Prices Set To Rise”. Supposedly the market for downloaded music is strong enough to take a price rise, according to most major music labels in Europe and the US. Ya, sure!!! And the moon is made of cheese!!!! I hope this is an April Fool’s joke. Here we are saying that there are too many middlemen, as a result of which the prices are too high as it is and instead of cutting the fat these jerks want to increase the price further. Time to download a P2P application, methinks!!!


6 thoughts on “The suits want more buck moolah for a song!!!

  1. Leave the Dork side, Luke!
    Come join us on the Bright side.

    Bearshare/gnutella and an broadband connection = lots and lots of musik/videos.

    Kind of what Venks and I have been preaching all along.

    I’ll buy music IF I like it and IF want to POSSESS it, not if I just want to hear it.

    Suits!, there, that’s your new paradigm shift.

  2. I do not like paying extravagant sums of money for my music either, but I do believe that most online music downloads are quite affordable. 10 cents a song really isn’t that much – you can download an entire album for the price of a snickers bar.

    Also, you may be filling the coffers of the ‘suits’ by buying insanely priced CDs, but it remains the only way to ensure that the artist gets anything out of it at all. Remember, 5% of nothing is nothing.

    Am not trying to take a high moral stand on the issue or judge anyone, am merely expressing my opinion.

  3. download … listen … like? —> buy!
    else donate the Snickers money to a good cause … every dollar matters. heck – for $400 a year, you can support an orphan kid in India – education, food, shelter and everything else. Thats less money than 1 bad CD “bought and thrown away” by each person in our group.


  4. What group? There is a group? No one told me about any group!

    Also, Venky, have you adopted this ‘Robin Hood’esque philosophy as an excuse for wearing skin tight green pants?

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