Changes in Blogger Comments(for the better)

Folks, it seems like the Blogger guys have changed their comments strategy. Now anyone can comment with their own names/nicks without having to be a part of Blogger. So no more anaonymous nonsense. Hopefully it will not result in spam comments. I have a humble request to all of you. Please try this scheme by posting a comment or two as a test for this blog. I am specifically looking for non Blogger-member’s comments.

While we are riding the comment trail it would be very gratifying if people who read me on news aggregators pop over once in a while to comment. just feels nice to actually know what goes through you mind when you read my posts (Note To Self : do unto other what you would want others to do unto you:))


7 thoughts on “Changes in Blogger Comments(for the better)

  1. Hi Dear… posting this comment to test this new facility… i guess its working fine… stumbled upon ur blog thru nedstat…. do visit mine (if time permits)!!! 🙂

  2. Just in case one comment is not sufficient to conclude conclusively (?) that yes, you can post with your name without being a blogger or being anonymous – here’s my contribution to the data.
    If you actually need a comment in here, since I cant comment on your last few blogs (dint think about them), I should tell you that I quote you all the time – your dialogue about “Either hate me or love me, I wont take any less intensity from you” 🙂

  3. Thanks Prateek for you interest. I did pop onto your site. I really like the layout.

    Hi Aparna…I am happy the comments are working and I can get the name of the person making the comments. Anonymous comments are difficlut to folow up espcially when one of my friends actually uses the nick ‘anonymous’ 🙂

    About my quotes what can I say…there is such a volume of crap falling off my mouth all day long it is antural that one or two of them might actually mean something:)

    Nonetheless I would be lying if I said it does not boost my ego:) So, thanks again for the compliment

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