“Let there be Light”

Funny how the cheesiest of phrases pop up into your head when you should be cringing instead!!!

In some ways the words are apt. Here I am, wherever here is!!! At least I think I AM!

I cannot see anything around me…anything of note that is. It is all stark white. ‘Like the “Prayer for the Dying” video’. Inconsequential thought but apt again. It is indeed like that the depiction in Seal’s video. I seem to be in a large, no make that a ‘very’ large, room; bright white in colour. Nothing in the room, bounded by the walls and the ceilings and the floor all reflecting light, or maybe creating light as I could not see any source.

Why am I here?

I am not ready to leap to conclusions so I decide to sit and think. No idea of how much time has passed. Does the fact that there is no change in my immediate surroundings mean that time is still, or worse, is it irrelevant. No! That cannot be true. I am thinking, which basically means that I must be progressing from one thought to another. This implies that I must be moving forward in time, on the assumption that each thought process does take some time, however infinitesimal it be. At least I think they do.

But that is not the problem here. I need to get out of the room and there does not seem any point of egress. Well! No point trying to think my way out of this problem. It is time to get up and check the room more closely. Since I have no sense of direction here I start to walk towards one of the walls. Seems like it is almost 10 feet away. In fact it seems like I was placed right at the centre of the room, as all the walls seem to be equidistant from me. Maybe it is some kind of optical illusion. Anyways, there’s no time to be worrying about that.

Hey! I should have reached the wall by now but it still seems the same distance away. Even more worrisome it doesn’t look like I have walked any further away from the wall behind me. Curious!!!

Maybe walking is not helping. Lets try running. I hate running but beggars cannot be choosers. To no avail: I end up with the same result. Now this is getting irritating. 1…2…3…1…2…3…calm down…losing cool will not help…there! That’s better.

Look around the room again. Could the floor be a massive treadmill? (‘Thank god at least all the walls are not mirrors like in most flicks. That would have been really spooky’) Stray thought again!!! Get back to the problem! What if the floor is a gigantic treadmill? If it is then it should have some inertia. Lets try it out!!! I start running to one wall, just as I reach my top speed I take an about turn and run back (‘Do I look like T. Henry when I do that? Maybe mirrors would not have been such a bad idea!’) I did not feel any inertia from the floor. Furthermore the result seems to be the same. Not the best time to feel like I am the centre of the universe.

Maybe I did not do this right! Maybe the floor is very sensitive! Lets try a lot of zigzags. But first lets leave my pen at my feet. If I do this right I may not move a lot but at least the pen should be some distance from me. So here goes nothing…

… That was fun. Never ran so far in a long time. Lets see how far that was. Damn! The pen is right at my feet!!!

Now this IS getting g real spooky. Do I dare keep running for the rest of the day? Where the hell am I? Hey maybe this ain’t really happening. Yes, that’s it. I must be dreaming. No other explanation fits. What do I do now? Wake myself up!!! I heard that waking oneself up was dangerous. Maybe if I refuse to accept the reality of this it will go away. Yes! That’s it! I lie down and close my eyes. That is much better. Yup, much better. Sorry ‘White Room’ you cannot frighten me for I know you do not exist. HA, HA, HA…sheeks, that was unnecessary and corny! Whatever, isn’t it a moot point?

I can feel the idea is working, feels like I am slipping back into my sleep. Note to self, must analyse this dream tomo…

Bright light dazes me. I must have dozed off. Feels like I have had a nightmare judging by the heaviness I feel. I have to use my hands to pry my eyes open.

” Let There Be Light”

Funny how the cheesiest of phrases pop into your head…


3 thoughts on “Whatever,Wherever!

  1. Wonder if creation was just a bad dream of some warped mind, in which we still reside.

    Wonder if we should pray that That Mind never wake up and see the light, since that would mean we would perish along with that dream.

    Or should we hope that That Mind finally wakes up to the light and truly creates life sans the horrors of the nightmare we’re perhaps living in.


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