The Young Should Inherit This Country!!!

Yup!!! Counting day is upon us and the past few weeks have been a roller
coaster ride for India with respect to the pre-poll meetings, voting, exit
polls and getting to know their “leaders again”. I have had half an eye on
this election race and one thing that has attracted me is the presence of a
lot of young(relatively speaking) hopefuls in these elections. These guys
are really cool dudes. Take the case of Omar Abdullah and Rahul Gandhi.

Karan Thapar was asking various leaders(of smaller parties) today on who
they will support in the centre, the NDA or the Congress lead by Sonia
Gandhi. While most leaders were hedging their bets Omar said directly that
they would not be supporting wither NDA or Sonia. When asked for the reason
he cam out openly to say that they cannot support Congress in the centre
when Congress supports their rival party in the State. This was expected,
though not in such direct terms, but the real bombshell was with his reason
for not joining the NDA. Karan Thapar asked him whether he does not want to
help NDA now as revenge for them not helping his party two years ago. I was
waiting for the usual hee-hawing of most politicians and was stunned by his
answer “Yes Karan, that is precisely the reason”. Kewl, a politician who
speaks his mind.

Now coming to Rahul Gandhi … he has really starred in these elections.
Truly no one has campaigned with more impact than him. The other he was
quoted as saying that he does not care about these elections but would
rather look towards how his party can regain lost glory in UP in the coming
years. I said to myself “Hmmm, an astute politician”. So imagine my surprise
when I heard him say the following today ” We are politically against TDP
and Chandrababu Naidu. However that does not mean that one should forget
that Chandrababu Naidu has been in power in AP for 10 years and in these
years he has worked towards what he considered to be betterment for his
state. To take a person who has worked so hard for his state and ridicule
himn calling him elitist or computer babu as is being done by the media is
utter malice.” Whoah!this guy has got guts.

Young dudes in politics, I Am Lovin It.:)


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