Aaya Re Aaya Elections Aaya!!!

The Gandhi family is back…with a bang!!! Most of us had assumed that the Gandhi name would have no impact on politics after the time of Rajiv. How different things have turned out to be. Even the presence of Sonia and Maneka never looked all encompassing. However the entry of the youngsters Rahul and Varun is quite ominous to the people who hate family politics. Their entry is proof to the fact that the Gandhi lineage will keep rearing its head like the Kennedys.

This time the drama of the election campaigns have been most interesting. It was interesting to see Congress push Rahul into the fray…and even more interesting to see that he might actually win with quite a comfortable margin. Another interesting point is the dependence of BJP on Varun. It is very curious how a party filled with leaders who hated Indira Gandhi’s guts (many times validly) is depending on her grandson, who in his turn is using her name to maximum advantage.

Before any BJP lover or Congress lover sends me brickbats let me clarify that I can understand that parties need to be opportunistic. I know that no party has any ideals except for populist ones like Ram Mandir and Gandhi Parivar. I know that I should be sad…but I am not…in fact I am ecstatic…happy to se that at the end of the day…regardless of whom you vote…we will get the same kinda of government…only the name of the parties will change. It gives a kind of stability (good or bad!) to the country.

Mera Bharat Mahan!!!


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