‘I was taken by surprise’ – Tendulkar

The debate on whether the call for declaration (in the 1st Indo-Pak Test Mach at Multan) came at the right time will continue for some time. (I personally think that they should not have played after the tea session). However I found the comments made by Tendulkar quite unneccessary and immature. I love the guy but he needs to understand that every word he says is fanatically followed by fanatical fans. He should have better restraint than openly coming out with his disappointment. For a team to perform well it must be seen to be One…and Tendulkar’s comments(‘I was taken by surprise’ – Tendulkar) are not helpful in that context.

Thisis something that I find shocking in Sachin’s communication with the world. On the cricket field you can see the amount he has matured as a player. However outside the field he sems to act childish…first with his ferrari car, now with this. He seriously needs an image advisor!!!

This was my take on the situation. Comments as usual are most welcome.
(Tum ek comment donge to main do doonga :))


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