A night at Gaurav, Parag and Surya’s Kholi :)

We spent Saturday evening at Gaurav’s place. Had a whale of a time.

First Parag treated us to exquisitely fried fish. The taste was just out of this world…to add the good feeling was the aroma…hmmmm… nothing like fried fish to uplift one’s spirits. When you add the fact that we actually had some spirits (Chivas Regal to be specific) then you can understand that the environment (mahol) was getting to be quite enjoyable.

We started off by playing UNO. This is one hell of a game. Had great fun, especially when Surya had to keep picking up cards as he kept forgetting to say UNO at the penultimate cards. This was all the more hilarious as he felt that this was the most stupid rule and no one would forget such a simple rule, and here he was picking up card after card :D. However full marks to Surya for being a very good sport!!! I for one will be ready to play another game with him anytime.

And we must not forget Parag picking up a card and forfeiting his turn though he had both a number card to play as well as a colour card and could have played either. Thoda high ho gaya hoga J

On the food front we moved to the main course…roti, chawal, chole, raita and gobi. I cannot speak for the roti as I did not have any. I preferred the combination of rice and chole with raita. My all time fav…especially as the raita was boondi raita J And the chole was fabulous…do not take my word for it…check this out with the best chole maker this side of the Vindhya’s…my wife. Both of us absolutely loved the chole…so if any of you PYT’s want a husband who can cook a killer meal of chole then try out Gaurav J (for fried fish Parag is available J)

Anyways after the meal we moved on to light entertainment; playing all MP3s and dancing till midnight.

A fabulous evening with great people…a most auspicious way to enjoy the weekend.

Song of the evening … “Jahan Chaar Yaar Mil Jaye Wahin Raat Ho Gulzar” – Sharabi.


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