Technical days are the best!!!

Today was a surprising day. Most of the time I try to keep my work away from this blog however this time it is something deeper than just work. We needed to work on this difficult piece of code and with pressures of deadlines ever present I put my hat into the ring and tried to help with my bit. In the process I touched a throbbing, wriggling, squirming, kickass code after a long long time. For almost a year I have been caught at the higher level(strictly in a management context) of things. This was the first time after eons that I had a day where I did not work on MSWord, MSProject or MSExcel and instead was knee-deep in code alongwith my experts. To say that the day was fun is an understatement. It was exhilirating. The sheer pleasure of reverse-engineering and adding comments which say ” written by BK” was unbeatable. Added to all this pleasure was the fact that there were no client calls to diturb me. So for one day after a year I was happy, truly happy again. The withdrawal (from coding) is going to be that much more painful again:(.

Anyways enuff about me… lets see what our friends at Severely Confused Orangutans are doing by checking out these three articles : IBM ordered to provide SCO with code, documents – Computerworld & Document shows SCO prepped lawsuit against BofA – News – ZDNet & SCO Collides With Cars And Drivers (


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