The day of the bulls!!!

This time the link round-up is of three beauties, The Seeker, The Rover and The Bug, bulls all.
It is funny how quite a number of my friends are bull owners. Well, actually it is not so funny after all. I tend to gravitate towards people who have a potential of enjoying a beast like the bull and who can let such a wild animal remain free, who can withstand the condescending attitude their bull gives them but who know that the wild beast will be a much better friend than any other tamed creature. I tend to like these fellows. These guys are less like cowboys on their elaborate steeds and more like the Red Indians on their mustangs, with a healthy relationship between the beast and the man, to a point where it is immaterial who is driving whom!
I like this guys cause I am like them in my heart. If there is any smaller beast I like then the only one, The Only One allowed is the Yam, of the RX100 variety. If the bull is the big cat then the yam is the garden one, both of them fiercely independent, totally opinionated, expecting royal treatment and exuding power with every ripple.
Yup, it’s good to have friends who have Yams and bulls, these guys one can depend upon!

About the links read about The Seeker here:Coming Back To Life.
Read about Rover’s history here: Rover6064.
And find out why a proud owner(an IT guy!) would call his proud superego a BUG: Title_TBD.

P.S: Hey Pawan you missed out on a poetic sentence. You should have written Rover(wanderer, NOMAD, vagabond)
By the way if I had a bull it would have to be called Psychotron🙂


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