50% success!

This weekend was a 50/50 success for my blog site. I managed to write up something on Sunday early morning. However I went into a brain freeze on Sunday evening and hence did not update the site. Nonetheless I am happy that I at least managed to write at least one blog this weekend:D
What I did do during the weekend was go blog-surfing. This time I decided to start from my blogs. The surfing was fun; I visited the usual suspects, i.e. Sujith,Soumitra,Sarat and Pawan. From Pawan’s site I made the jump to his brother Rohan’s site. Another bull fanatic, another good writer. From his site I visited Rochester via his friend Hemant’s site. Well maintained site. His site took me to a couple of other places, all this resulting in me being completely caught up for around 2 hours just reading different blogs. Was great fun. Try these links yourself, and jump in and start blogging yourselves.


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