Sax and Payne.

No! Do not jump to the conclusions that I am writing this piece as part of cheap theatrics, a la certain varieties of Jacksons, to boost the hits on my page. (Speaking of the Janet,and the nipplegate incident, I do not understand the furor that her bosom is causing in America. This from the land which gave the world WMD’s in the form of the silicon weapons of the Baywatch gang. Sometimes I wonder whether Americans realize how stupid they look to the outside world:) One good fall-off of this incident, as one wag noted, is that for once and all it has been proven that Janet and Michael are two different people.)

Anyway the title comes from another dialogue in the game. At one point the narrator says something on the lines of the fact that for both to stay alive the partnership of Sax and Payne(for Mona Sax and Max Payne, creative names , what!) is necessary. At this point visualize, if you may, one playing at an intense level, desperately trying to prevent oneself from being out flanked by hordes of Mafia commandos, when suddenly one hears this dialogue. I lost it man, had to start the level again as I just could not stop laughing after hearing the Sax and Payne part. Funnily it hadn’t struck me till that moment when I heard their names spoken together. You wonder what the fuss is about…Well! You had to be there:)

Thinking about it again it would not hurt if some desperate pervert with shaky fingers and bad spelling actually increases the hits of this page:D


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