More Tweaking Done.

Hello folks, nothing substantial to add as I have spent my whole evening tweaking my site again. In addition to the links not been seen in many browsers, today the site itself was having a lot of trouble loading. This was due to some problem with the CommentThis site. This has precipitated an action I was thinking for quite some time now of moving to another comment site. This site gives me a better control over the comment systems. Let’s see how you folks like it. The bad news is I have lost all the older comments made by you groovy dudes. Sorry folks, could not help it!

I have also played with the structure of the page and brought the links to the left. Hope this time links are visible at the top for everyone. Another change I have done is to make sure that there are no more than 7 posts on the main page. The older posts will be archived in their respective weekly archives. For infrequent visitors and first-timers I would strongly recommend a walk through the archives just to get a sense of the direction(or lack thereof) of the site.

I have converted one more dude to the blogging religion. My man with the Bull, Pawan, has also started blogging. I have added his page to the link list.

That’s all for the day. For everyone around the world, have a great day!


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