Weise des Fuchses

Was playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Great game! As I was playing a particularly difficult scenario I realized that I was finding it very difficult trying to distinguish between the allies NPC’s and enemies. Got killed quite a number of times due to this confusion (as I am sure must have happened to lots of soldiers) Co-incidently I also watched Guns Of Navarone. Both this things brought a question to my head.
Why are all WWII games so victor(as in ally) centric. I have no fun shooting Germans(unless of course they are specifically Nazis) I mean I am no Englishman who never forgets that for once the Deutsch were defeated by them. I guess after leaving through the Battle of Britain you end up with that frame of mind. However that is neither here nor there with respect to my core issue. Now before you jump the gun I must stress that personally I would have no fun playing as Hitler and recreating all his genocidal acts. However there were a lot more normal Germans in the war than there were Nazis. Would it not be fun to play as Schindler in a RPG. Or maybe win the battle of Stalingrad. Or my personal favourite, recreate the career of Rommel, playing the desert fox himself.
It is widely stated by historians that the German army of the time was the best with lots of elite units and the most disciplined. Would it not be fun to have all that power in your hand and see how it turns out. It would fun to see if we could become Field-Marshal with the speed with which Rommel got promoted to the post. In fact we could add intrigue to see if we could succeed where Rommel failed; Overthrow Hitler himself.

So for any game developers out there who are listening, how about making a new game. Call it Medal Of Honor: Weise des Fuchses.


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